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Only Young Drivers and Only Smart Drivers Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. Insurance it seems can be a confusing and challenging environment especially if you this the first time you're thinking of buying a policy. This is normally even more so the case with telematics insurance policies. To help we've put together a comprehensive list of answers to those questions and put them in to sections that we hope will make it easy for you to find the answer you're looking for quickly and easily.

Questions about the SmartDriver App - if you purchased a policy before 17/09/2018

If you purchased a policy before 17/09/2018 then you might have had your telematics policy set up via the SmartDriver App, rather than the new telematics black box solution. For any questions related to the App please check here.

About our insurance policies

This FAQ section tells you everything you need to know about buying an insurance policy from us, from documentation to direct debits!

Click here to find out more.

Thinking about purchasing a policy with Only Young Drivers and Only Smart Drivers?

We think our black box solution is a great telematics option for younger drivers. It monitors your driving and provides you with a driving score, which if deemed a good score can you lead to you getting a return premium on your original price. For more information or any questions please click here.