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SmartDriver App Frequently Asked Questions

General Stuff

Is my phone or smartphone compatible?

All iPhones5 and onwards and android-based phones are compatible with our app. We are working on a version for Windows phones and hope to have this available soon. (Iphone 5 Onwards)

How does the app work?

The app uses GPS (Global Positioning System), essentially a series of satellites that locates your smartphone at any given moment in time.

From this information the app maps your journey – time, speeds and changes in acceleration and braking. This data is then analysed and converted into a score out of 10 so you can see how well you’re driving.

How and when do I download the app?

Once you have had your policy cover confirmed, you will receive an email from us with simple step by step instructions on how to download and register our SmartDriver app you must download this within 24 hours of the policy starting.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free and comes as part of your insurance package.

Can I try the app before I buy / take out a policy?

No – not at the moment. We’re working on a trial version which we hope to release very soon!

What if I forget to use or don’t use the app?

Don’t worry – the app automatically starts when you make a journey and are connected to Bluetooth, and stops recording when it’s over so once it’s downloaded it takes care of itself. You should always use the app when you drive and if we notice you haven’t recorded any journey’s for a while we will be in touch.

Do all insured drivers need to download and monitor using the app?

No – only the main driver needs to download the app and have their driving monitored.

How is the Smartdriver App Insurance different from traditional policies?

We believe how you drive is just as, if not more, important than things such as your; age, driving experience, type of car you drive and where you live, in how much should have to pay for your insurance. Because the Smartdriver App monitors you and lets us know how you are driving we can take this into consideration when calculating your premium. Traditional policies don’t use this information and set the premium based on just your age, experience, car etc.

Is this a black box or telematics car insurance policy?

It is a telematics policy and works in a similar way but unlike most of the other products available we use your Smartphone and a wingman or your cars Bluetooth, to collect and send us the data via an App rather than having the cost and inconvenience of needing to have a ‘black box’ installed into your car.

How is this product different to a black box?

The SmartDriver App works in a very similar way to a black box. The main difference is that there is no expensive or time consuming installations required and if you change cars the SmartDriver App remains with you.

What is ‘telematics’?

Telematics is the recording of your driving data and transmission, via a device such as a mobile phone or ‘black box’, to relay this information to a computer for assessment and analysis.

How does my driving data affect my premium?

Quite simply the better you drive throughout the year, the better your driving score will be and the better and cheaper your insurance renewal will be! Unlike some other policies that monitor driving and give you a driving score we won’t put your premium up mid-year just because of your score may not be as high as it should be.

Does my Smartdriver App mean I have a speed camera built into my car?

No. Although we monitor your speed we do not pass this data on to anyone else unless we are legally obliged to do so or you are involved in an accident. Speeding is however a major cause of severe accidents and therefore will be reflected in your driving score and we will message you each time we think you have driven too fast and dangerously. If you ignore our warnings and don’t slow down this could impact on your cover going forwards.

Why is it only the main driver that has their driving behaviour monitored?

Insurance for young drivers is expensive because the statistics show accidents and serious injuries caused by bad driving are more likely at younger age groups. We know from our knowledge and experience that there are a lot of safe and careful young drivers out there who shouldn’t be treated in the same way as everyone else.

Therefore, the main driver (the young driver), is the person we expect to use the car the most often, and the driver we wish to monitor to ensure the premium being charged takes into account their driving behaviour alone. Although we could monitor all other drivers, it’s not them we really need to know about, and won’t be a major factor in the cost of the policy.

I also drive another car in my household frequently. Can I use the app when I am driving either car?

That’s fine – it’s your driving we’re interested in. Whilst we may not be insuring the other car itself we’re happy for you to be proving how good a driver you are – but you need to be aware that the App will record the mileage and we will compare this against the annual mileage you gave us for your main car and we may contact you to query this.

How do you work out the cost of my first year’s insurance, when you don’t have any driving data to base it on?

We calculate your initial starting price using some of the standard risk/rating factors – including what car you drive, your experience, and where you live. Then based on the information we have already collected about monitored driving behaviour we apply an additional discount based on the average score we expect you to get.

What happens at renewal?

At every renewal we will add your driving score discounts to those provided by your insurer for no claims and improved experience (provided you haven’t had an accident or made a claim) to work out your renewal price. So the better you drive the cheaper your premium will be – we will let you know what this price will be about a month before your renewal date.

Can I get a refund for better driving if I have paid my insurance premium annually in advance?

Not at the moment – we are looking at this and hope to be able offer our great drivers a premium refund scheme soon. For now all additional discounts for better driving will be reflected in your renewal premium.

Your driving score

What is my driving score and how is it calculated?

Your driving score is the score we give you, out of 100, based on driving data we collect from your Smartdriver App when you are driving your car. It is scientifically calculated from information about how fast you go, how and how often you brake and accelerate, and the time of day of you drive.

Which of my journeys would need to be monitored?

All journeys where you are driving your car should be monitored. The application will only log journeys when your phone is linked to your cars Bluetooth or the smartdriver wingman.

How do you measure speed, acceleration, and braking?

GPS gives us a precise location every second of your journey. From these changes we can calculate very accurately, your speed, whether you are accelerating or braking and how smoothly (or aggressively) you make those changes.

What if I exceed the speed limits?

We’re realists and we know everyone exceeds the speed limit occasionally. However we also know that driving too fast is one of the major causes of accidents, serious injuries and fatalities. Speeding therefore will be reflected in your score and if you appear to be using excessive speed we will be issuing a warning.

How do I receive feedback about my Journeys and Driving Behaviour and what information will I get?

Your overall score will be on the home page of the App (along with the total mileage you have recorded). The last weeks journeys you have made will be shown in the trip list with in the App, where you see information of the time of your trip, how long it took, and its distance – you can also have the ability to have a look at the trip on a map.

In relation to your driving style and behaviour – we will send you regular in-app messages, highlighting good driving as well as areas for improvement. If you drive badly or dangerously we will let you know via the App, SMS, email, or in extreme cases we will call you.

How is my driving score used?

Very simply, your driving score will be used to maximise the discount we can offer you when you renew your policy. It’ll also be used to help you improve your driving throughout the year by sending useful hints and tips to encourage you.

How often is my driving score recalculated and updated on my app?

Once you’ve completed a full week of driving you will see your first score. The app will then update in real-time every time you drive. Journey information gets uploaded to our servers in real time so as soon as you have finished your journey you will be able to view these.

What does my Driving Style score start at when I’m a new customer?

Your score will be zero when you first download the app. Your first personalised score will show on the app when you’ve completed a week of driving.

What can I do to improve my score?

We will send you hints and tips throughout the year to help you improve different aspects of your driving. We also have information on our website showing you how to be a better and safer driver. Without doubt though the biggest and most important things you can do as a driver is to keep your speed to the road conditions and anticipate the road ahead giving yourself time and space to react accordingly. We appreciate this easy to say and much harder sometimes to accomplish but we’ll do everything we can to help you.

What if I only achieve a low Driving Style score?

We really hope you won’t, but if you do, try and take notice of the advice we offer and we are confident your score should improve. Be re-assured though as long as we feel you are not driving dangerously your policy will remain in force and your premium will not be impacted

Will you help me improve my driving?

We will try our best. By updating you regularly on your driving style via the in App messages and offering advice on how to improve your driving style we hope to make you aware of what areas to focus on – but ultimately it’s up to you.

Will you cancel my policy if I exceed the speed limit or drive badly continuously?

If you speed or drive badly we will warn you via the App message service, SMS, or email and give you every chance to alter your bad driving habits. We don’t like cancelling policies and will always try and work with you to improve things but if you ignore our warnings continue to drive badly regularly our final sanction may be to cancel your policy, We see this very much as a last resort and will do everything we can to avoid this situation.

I know that the time I drive is one of the elements that are tracked by the App. Does this mean I can’t drive at night?

You can drive at night. We don’t impose any curfews on when you can drive. However it is a fact that most accidents involving young drivers occur when driving between midnight and 5.00am, which is why some policies don’t let you drive between these times. Although we don’t impose such restrictions clearly you are at greater risk of having a serious accident if you regularly drive at this time and if you do we will send you messages in order to understand why.

What are Red Messages and what happens if I receive one?

A red driving message will be sent to you when we have recorded details of driving behaviours that we believe are dangerous and putting you or other road users at risk such as; driving too fast, braking or accelerating too harshly, or driving too much late at night. These messages will clearly indicate what they are, what they are for, and what (if anything) we need you to do as a result of receiving it.

This may be to give us a call to explain, or change something about your driving to ensure you drive more carefully in the future. We obviously hope that we don’t have to send you any of these, as getting too many could ultimately impact on your policy cover, so please if you do get sent one – take notice and follow the action requested. For full details on the implications of receiving Red Driving messages please read the App Terms and Conditions attached to the policy.

Could my premium go up if I get a bad score?

Your premium won’t go up during the policy year (unless you make any changes to your policy) just because you have a poor score – and as long as you don’t have an accident or make a claim during the year you will still get a year’s ‘No Claims Bonus’ applied to your policy at renewal, and there may be other factors that insurers take into account that will bring your premium down further.

Your driving score won’t impact on these – however by getting a good score you will benefit from even more additional discounts – making your premium even cheaper!

Techie Stuff

Can I use my iPad or tablet?

Unfortunately, at present this is not possible.

Do I need a mobile phone signal / what happens if I have no network coverage?

Yes – the data is recorded on your phone using GPS and mobile data, which is reliant on a network connection. If you lose connection at any point the information will be sent to us next time you have a signal.

What is GPS and how accurate is it?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and uses a series of satellites in the sky for navigation purposes. Our app uses the built-in GPS functionality in your phone to track where your car is at any given time. To do this successfully and accurately the phone needs clear line of sight of GPS satellites in the sky (which is why we do recommend the use of a phone cradle if you have one). Depending on how many satellites your phone can see and link to it is extremely accurate (within a few metres of your actual position).

A significant factor in the accuracy of the signal is the quality of the GPS receiver in your phone. Generally the newer and more expensive your phone the better the GPS signal you will get.

We do fully expect however there will be times when your phone won’t pick up a GPS signal or the signal will be weak. Don’t worry if this is the case as we take this into account when monitoring your driving and calculating your score. On average, we’d expect to achieve successful monitoring of 80% of journeys.

How often does the app send data?

This depends on whether you are using GPRS or Wi-Fi only to send the data. If you are using GPRS then Data will be sent to us in real time, whereas, if you have changed the settings to Wi-Fi only it will send you the data when you are next connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How much data will the app use to upload journey data?

Not very much. It obviously depends on how much driving you do and how many journey’s you make but on average with a couple of hours driving a day we would expect it to be about 10MB per month (roughly the equivalent of downloading 3 songs). Monthly data allowances vary depending on the type of phone contract you have but generally start from 150MB per month.

If you don’t want to use up your data allowance, or in some circumstance be charged for transferring the data by GPRS, you can change this setting in your phone to make the data transmission Wi-Fi only – the data will then be stored on your phone until you are next connected to a WiFi network when it will automatically send it to us.

Will the performance of my phone be affected?

No. The performance of your phone will not be affected. Like all apps that use GPS there will be a drain on your battery but this is normal.

Will I get charged for the App transmitting my driving data to you?

The App. uses GPS data to locate your phone and GPRS data to transmit your driving data to us. You should be aware that this transmission is subject to your agreement with your network provider and therefore we accept no responsibility or liability for any network fees or any other associated costs which may be charged as a result of using the App.

Data charges may apply depending on the network you use and the package you have with your phone. If you are unsure contact your service operator for more detail. You can prevent the App. from using your data allowance by setting the data transmission to WiFi only in the ‘Help’ section.

Also please note the App. is for use by UK residents only and we don’t need to monitor your driving if you are holiday abroad. Therefore please disable it when not in the UK to avoid data charges. We will not be liable for any data charges occurred as a result of using the App. outside of the UK

How much phone battery does the app use, do I need to use a charger?

There is no more drain on the phones battery than any app using GPS. The longer your journey the more battery the app will use. We do therefore recommend you consider using a battery charger for longer journeys and cradle for your phone to keep your signal strong.

Do I need to do anything to the app when driving?

Obviously doing anything with your phone whilst driving is dangerous. Therefore we have built the app with an auto start stop function so once you’ve installed it you don’t have to worry about recording your journeys as it will do it automatically for you. The app homepage does show a simple ‘recording’ message if you wish to check that it’s functioning (please only do this when you are stationary).

How much memory is required to save my driving data?

The app collects very small amounts of data, approximately 1mb for every 200 miles.

Do I have to be with a certain mobile network to be able to use the app?

No. The app works with GPS so doesn’t rely on a network provider.

Will I be able to use other apps, or make and receive calls while the app is collecting journey data?

Yes – The app runs quietly in the background, you won’t notice it’s there, but please do remember it is very dangerous (not to forget to mention illegal) to use your phone (unless hands free) whilst you are driving.

Data Protection and Privacy

What data does the App record/collect?

When activated The app collects and transmits data on the date, time, location, duration, speed, distance, start, finish and direction of travel, for each journey you make when you have your phone with you. A separate electronic Data feed is used to provide Us with details regarding the road type and speed limits applicable to your journey.

All the information collected via the App. will then be used to develop a profile of how, where and when, your vehicle is being driven, and from this, we will be able to assess Your driving behaviour.

What will you do with the data you collect?

We will use the data collected from the App along with the other personal information you provide us as part of the insurance quotation process to manage your insurance policy on an ongoing basis. This will include; underwriting, policy administration, handling claims, as well as the calculation and negotiation with insurers of your premium going forwards.

These activities may involve us releasing personal information to insurers, regulatory authorities or agents providing services on our behalf. We will also use your data to help us to understand the safe driving behaviours which we will use to develop the underwriting of all our motor insurance policies and to inform our development of similar products in the future.

We will only disclose information collected by the App. outside of Only Young Drivers in the following circumstances:

  • Where you have provided your agreement to do so
  • If We are required by law to disclose the information, such as to our regulators or if we are issued with a court order.
  • If We make the Data anonymous i.e. personal information removed to prevent data or results being directly linked to You.

How private and secure is the data that’s generated by App?

The data generated by the App will be encrypted (securely encoded) for safe Data transfer to our systems. We will then retain your Data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our policies on Data Retention.

Who will be able to view my driving information?

The data is completely private and can only be accessed by you, Only Young Drivers (and our App provider – Telematicus), and your insurer.

Will my information be shared with other organisations?

We will only disclose information collected by the App. outside of Only Young Drivers (and our App provider – Telematicus) in the following circumstances:

  • Where you have provided your agreement to do so
  • If we are required by law to disclose the information, such as to our regulators or if we are issued with a court order.
  • If we make the data anonymous i.e. personal information removed to prevent data or results being directly linked to you.

Do you give my information to the Police, e.g. if I’m speeding or have an accident?

We may be legally obliged to share this information in the event of an accident but will advise you before the data is shared. We will not offer this information unless it’s in your interests to do so.

SmartDriver App – Technical and Customer Support FAQ

Thank you for choosing our SmartDriver App and hoping you’re finding it easy and straightforward to use. However, if you are experiencing any issues this is the best place to start getting things sorted. We start with some general technical questions and answers to help you better understand how the app works followed by self-help support answers to help you get the app working if you are experiencing problems.

What do I need to do once I have taken out an Smartdriver App policy / how do I register my App?

After you purchase your policy, you will receive an email detailing the simple stepsto follow. These are listed below for your information.

  • Using the phone you are going to have the App on, Text; REG4OYD ‘your policy number’ to 60777. Your policy number is shown above. Please leave a space between REG4OYD and your policy number to ensure the system can set you up properly.
  • You will receive a text back containing your personal PIN (Personal Identification Number). Keep the PIN safe somewhere as you may need this again. Please note that it can take upto 72 hours for your details to be set up on Smartdriver system so if you do not receive a text back within a few minutes of sending then please try again the following day. If you do not receive a text back after having tried for 4 days in a row since the purchase of your policy please contact us for assistance.
  • Download the App from the App Store or Google Play (you can search for it under Only Young Drivers). When you open the App for the first time you will be requested to input your PIN and confirm the App Terms and Conditions.
  • That’s it. You are ready to go. Remember to take your phone with you when-ever you drive your car. Ideally secure it in a cradle or have it in the centre console to ensure you have the best chance of getting a strong signal.
  • Drive safely. You will get your first driving score after you have driven 250 miles and remember the higher the score the better your driving.

Please note that you have 14 days after your policy start date to download, register, and start using your App (We will send you reminders during this period if you forget). Certain mobile phone networks (e.g. Giff Gaff) don’t accept texts to 60777. If you use these networks please contact our Technical Helpdesk by using the form at the bottom of this page and they will take you through the necessary registration process.

How do I get started using the app?

Once you have downloaded and registered your app the rest is automatic. The App has built in auto start / stop so will automatically record all of your journeys. Your driving score will first appear after you have driven 250 miles. You will be able to view your trips on the trip list, and delete those (giving us a reason) where you weren’t driving

Which Journeys need to be excluded and how do I exclude them?

All journey’s where you aren’t driving need to be excluded from your trip history. These could be where you are a passenger in your car, another car, or where you have taken a bus, train, taxi, or even bike – any journey where you go over 10mph will trigger the auto start feature within the App.

If you know a journey should be excluded it is a very simple process. Just go to the app, go to the Trip history, mark the journey you wish to exclude and use the drop down to explain the reason for exclusion. We will be monitoring the number and type of trips you delete to understand whether we have this facility right and may send you a message if you are having to delete too many.

How many journeys are shown on the app?

Currently we show the last 40 journeys as by showing more would just make the list too long. We therefore recommend you go into your Trip history at least once a week to ensure everything is recording properly and you exclude any trips that need removing. Our servers will contain the full list of all your trips as it is from these we can see how your driving score and behaviour is calculated.

Do I need to use the app to monitor when driving outside the UK or abroad?

No the App is for UK driving only. Therefore if you do drive abroad please remember to disable it.

When will I receive my first set of driving messages?

Expect to start seeing messages once you’ve completed your first 250 miles of driving using the app.

What if I have a bad score then continue to drive badly and ignore your warnings that have told me I need to improve my driving?

Our ultimate sanction, should you frequently and consistently drive dangerously will be to cancel your policy. However before this situation gets close we will be in contacting regularly via App messaging, SMS, email and by phone. Obviously this is the last thing we want to do so want to be able to work with you to improve your driving and avoid this situation.

My App won’t download – what do I need to do?

Our App should work with all Android and iPhones. If the app doesn’t download properly, firstly check that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi hub (sometimes downloads can be problematic on a phone signal alone).

If this doesn’t work for you, send our Technical Helpdesk a message, or contact our Customer Service Team and we’ll look in to the issue with you

I can't seem to register my App successfully – what do I need to do?

Please check that the app has downloaded correctly and you've entered the correct PIN number.

Why haven't I received any driving messages?

Hopefully this is because you are driving really well. If you are concerned, please let us know by email and we';ll look in to it for you.

Why hasn't all my journey mileage or journey time recorded?

Sometimes GPS can drop out but don’t worry you will not penalised.

I don’t agree / understand my trip history?

We designed SmartDriver App with an auto Start/Stop function. This saves you having to think or remember to switch the app on or off. We are constantly refining this mechanism to identify erroneous trips (such as a train Journey) but it isn’t perfect. There will be some trips you make that shouldn’t form part of your trip history.

If you view the trip history you’ll be able to see details of trips you’ve made. If there is a trip that you’d like to exclude (you were a passenger in another persons car as an example) you can exclude these from your history and let us know the reason.

What happens if I lose, change or upgrade my phone?

If you’ve got a new phone you just need to download the app and re-register your policy again following the same registration process as when you first took out your policy

If you lose your phone or have it stolen – let us know as we may be able to trace it from the driving data being recorded.

If you’ve got a policy with us and you’re going to be without your phone for any period, you need to let us know. Using the app to monitor driving is a condition of our insurance so if we see you haven’t recorded any journeys for a while we will be in contact to find out the reason.

I keep losing GPS signal – will it affect my score?

We do fully expect there will be times when your phone won’t pick up a GPS signal or the signal will be weak. Don’t worry if this is the case as we take this into account when monitoring your driving and calculating your score. On average, we’d expect to achieve successful monitoring of 80% of all journeys. If there appears to be a large gap in your data we will get in touch to help you rectify the fault.

The battery drain on my phone is high whilst I am running apps on my phone including the SmartDriver App – what should I do?

All Apps that use GPS unfortunately do drain battery power, obviously if you go on a number of long journeys regularly this may be noticeable. If you are concerned there are a number of outlets offering in-car chargers/cradles at very reasonable prices (under £20) for most popular phones.

I use more than one phone. Should I download the app on each phone?

The App can only be downloaded to one phone at a time. Therefore please ensure when you text in to register it is on the phone you are going to use to monitor you driving. Obviously if you have 2 phones you will need to make sure you have the one with the App downloaded on to it whenever you drive.

What happens if my GPS signal cuts out during a journey?

This is most unlikely, but it may happen occasionally. What you’ll see on your trip history is two rather than one trip, with a gap where the information hasn’t been collected. We know this may happen and therefore have allowed for it to ensure it doesn’t affect your driving score.

Can you send the data over Wi-Fi?

Yes. If you set the data transmission to Wifi only the App will wait until you are next connected to Wi-Fi to transmit your data to us. This does mean however that it may take a while to see your last journey appear in the trip list. If you aren’t going to be connected to Wifi for an significant period it may be best to switch back to GPRS so we know you are OK and using the App as you should be..

What if I don’t have a Wi-Fi signal to send the Journey monitoring data?

Don’t worry the app will wait until you do have a Wi-Fi connection to upload the data to our servers. The core monitoring data is quite small so won’t take up much space on your phone whilst it waits to get a Wi-Fi connection.

Where should I place my phone to get the best GPS signal?

The best place to get a good GPS signal when you’re driving is with the phone in close to the windscreen. We recommend getting a simple car phone cradle so the phone is more visible when you’re driving and not tucked way in your back pocket.

Am I insured before the App is installed?

Yes – You are insured, you have 14 days to download the app. We will be reminding you throughout this period. If you don’t download, register and start using your App within these 14 days your policy will be cancelled.

I haven’t received my registration text – what do I need to do?

Don’t worry, you are insured. If you haven’t registered we will send you a reminder email and text with the PIN. You have 14 days to complete registration. If you are getting close to the time and haven’t heard from us, please contact our Customer Service team and they will do their best to resolve the issue with you.

What if I disagree with my driving score or feedback?

If you don’t agree with your driving score – please email us explaining why you disagree. We will review the data and either write back with an explanation or phone you to discuss the score.

I have received a Red driving message – what does this mean and what should I do?

A red driving message will be sent to you when we have recorded details of driving behaviours that we believe are dangerous and putting you or other road users at risk such as; driving too fast, braking or accelerating too harshly, or driving too much late at night. These messages will clearly indicate what they are, what they are for, and what (if anything) we need you to do as a result of receiving it.

This may be to give us a call to explain, or change something about your driving to ensure you drive more carefully in the future. We obviously hope that we don’t have to send you any of these, as getting too many could ultimately impact on your policy cover, so please if you do get sent one – take notice and follow the action requested.

For full details on the implications of receiving Red Driving messages please read the App Terms and Conditions attached to the policy.