What does our SmartdriverApp do ?

Using telematics technology the App (once downloaded, activated and connected to your car’s Bluetooth*) will use the GPS (Global Positioning System) on your smartphone to record your driving behaviour, including; how, where, and when you drive your car. It will then analyse all this information about your driving under 3 main categories (all things that indicate how good and safe a driver you really are) and give you a driving score of between +10 and -10

  • Smoothness – measures sharp acceleration, braking, deceleration, changes in direction and up and down movement over the course of each Journey. The smoother you drive the higher the Driving Style Score which may be earned.
  • Speed – measures your speed against both the average speed and speed limit for the roads being driven. Your speed score will reduce based on the amount of time your speed is above the average for the road or the speed limit and increase for the amount of time your speed is below the average for the road or the speed limit.
  • Usage – measures time of day, Journey volume and Journey duration.

Your Smartdriver policy starts with a zero score. Every Monday at midday, we review your driving for the past week and will send a message based on this. This message will appear in the’ My Notifications’ section of the App. The higher your score the better and safer you have driven. We then reset the score to zero again, as we want you to aim to better your score the following week. At the end of the year we will look at all the weekly scores you have achieved and the higher this is the better your renewal premium will be.

Although we are confident you will achieve consistently great scores to ensure you give yourself the best chance of getting an even cheaper premium next year we will understandably need to take action if you regularly drive badly. We will of course contact you if this is the case as ultimately we want to help you become a safer driver and therefore benefit from cheaper insurance in the future.

During the week you will be able to review each journey you take and the driving score that you have achieved for that trip within the ‘My Dashboard’ section of the App. The individual journey driving score is also broken down in to the smoothness, speed, and usage criteria mentioned above so you can see the aspects of your driving that are impacting your score and therefore what you may need to focus on to get it higher. You will also be able to look at your journey’s in a map view.

The ‘My Dashboard’ section also contains a running total of the miles you have driven. We track this against the estimated annual mileage you provide at the start of your policy. We do this because if you drive a lot more miles than you tell us we need to know as it could impact your policy cover.

So you don’t forget to record a journey and to save you the hassle of manually having to start and stop recording, you will need to connect the Smartdriver App to your cars Bluetooth. Once this is done the App will automatically start recording when you are in your car with the engine switch on and it will switch off again at the end of your journey. Another big benefit of this is that it ensures any drain on your Smartphone battery is kept to an absolute minimum whilst the App is recording. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry, we will provide you with a neat little Smartdriver Beacon which you will need to attach to your car windscreen and the App will be able to connect to that.

The Smartdriver App also contains handy to links through our website and App FAQs should you need any information of have a question you would like the answer to. There is also a ‘My Policy’ section to ensure you have immediate access to the necessary information and phone numbers if you are unlucky enough to be in an accident.

For more detailed information please read our App FAQs, the product Terms and Conditions, and the Data Privacy Document


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