Are you paying more on motor insurance because of your job title?

When applying for motor insurance there’s a lot of questions you need to answer. One of those will be about your job title.

Since a ruling by the European court of justice in December 2012 on gender ruling, it is illegal for insurers to charge women drivers less. Insurers now look at different indicators according to a study by Newcastle University.

According to Stephen McDonald at the Newcastle University Business School, the results showed insurers have pushed up bills for young drivers who have jobs that mean they are likely to be male such as a civil engineer whereas job titles like ‘nurse’ saw a decrease in insurance premium by around 10%.

The report also suggests this effect tails off as drivers get older and more experienced.

This also begs the question – If you work in the military does your insurance premium go up?

According to the latest data published by the Government in April 2016, the forces diversity report showed women make up 10.2% of the UK military workforce. Could this mean insurers put premiums up for young military service men and women?

Check out who suggests subtly tweaking job titles could save you money. When you put your job title into an insurer’s website make sure it best fits your job but also best fits you.

For example according to their data if you put your job title down as a ‘soldier’ as opposed to a ‘Royal Marine’ you could be paying £30+ extra every year.

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