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Our unique Smartdriver app – Telematics without the box!

Do you want cost of your insurance to be based on how well and carefully you drive but don’t want the hassle of having a ‘black box’ driver monitoring unit installed into your car? Do you want to drive when and how much you like?* Do you want a great value product designed with young drivers like you in mind provided by a top insurer? If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’ then our brand new Smartdriver App is the product for you.

All you need is a smartphone** – simply take out cover online or over the phone -download our app from the Apple Store or Google play connect it to your car’s Bluetooth*** and you’re away ! All you then need to do is remember to take your phone with you when you drive your car - be honest – when was the last time you forgot your phone? - so that shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Our clever little App will automatically connect to your Bluetooth when you get in the car, start recording your journey’s when you set off and it will stop again when they are over – so you don’t need to do anything – other than drive safely and carefully.

Each journey you make will be given a score. The maximum possible score is plus 10 and the worst possible score is minus 10. These scores are then reviewed every Monday and then reset back to zero. So if you have a bad week don’t worry, you can always start fresh on Monday afternoon. However the better your weekly scores throughout the year the bigger the discount we will give you off your renewal premium!

We will also send you weekly feedback on your driving style along with handy hints and tips on how to improve your driving and look after your car via the App messaging facility – how neat is that.

If you've got questions about how it works - Take a look at our SmartDriver app FAQ's!

*Excessive nightime driving (between 12.01am - 5.00am) may lead to restrictions being imposed on your policy or in extreme cases cancelled
**Not currently available on Windows Smartphones
***If your car does not have Bluetooth you will need to install our free small Smartdriver Wingman device to your car windscreen which will provide a Bluetooth connection

Why choose Only Young Drivers

  • Simple Smartphone App - No 'Black Box'
  • Automatic Journey recording
  • Driving Style feedback via App
  • Better driving = better discounts
  • No price increase during year for poor driving
  • Easy to transfer if you change cars
  • No late night curfews or mileage restrictions

SmartDriver App
What does our SmartdriverApp do?

Using telematics technology the SmartDriver App will use the GPS (Global Positioning System) on your smartphone to record your driving behaviour, including; how, where, and when you drive your car. Read more...

Telematics uncovered

To give you the techie explanation, telematics is the transmission of data over long distances using a device such as a mobile phone or fitted ‘black box’ with a SIM card to relay this information to a computer for assessment and analysis. Read more...

See our Terms & Conditions

For full details take a look at our SmartDriver App Terms and Conditions. Read more...