The 42 Point Motorist

According to figures, more and more people in the UK are disregarding the number of points on their license; despite many having more than 12 points within the permitted 3 year period.

The statistics shown by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), give alarming examples of these cases, such as a woman who gained 42 points on her license. The woman, from Isleworth in West London, was given the points for failing to disclose the identity of the driver, May 26 and December 21 last year, even though driver can be banned from the road if they receive 12 or more points on their license within a 3 year period.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) even highlighted that the second highest point score of 36, belonged to a man from Warrington, Cheshire. He accumulated the points when he was caught driving without insurance six times in less than two weeks between February and March last year!

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “The IAM has no sympathy for owners who refuse to reveal the identity of the driver, and we would welcome an urgent consultation on new ways to deal with this problem. Drivers must expect that 12 points means a ban or the whole system falls into disrepute.”

The good news is that the DVLA and the courts service are upgrading their computer systems to ensure that offence information is shared more efficiently. Unfortunately these changes are not scheduled to be put into action until October this year, whilst many drivers are getting away with 10 or more offenses on their licenses.

So whilst you are out and about, make sure you pay attention to the law of the road, ensuring the safety of yourself (and your license) and other drivers. You cannot control the other drivers on the road, but you are in charge of your own car, so be safe and drive responsibly!

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