Young Drivers Unprepared for the Road Ahead

Learning to drive is a fantastic achievement in life and many young people are making the choice to learn to drive as soon as they possibly can.


There are many ways to learn to drive. Some people find 2 hours a week for several weeks works best for them, whilst others are confident enough to take a 2 week intensive driving course before taking their test.

However it’s done, are new drivers ever really prepared for driving on the road?

As reported by the Co-operative Insurance in a yearly survey, 29% of drivers age 18-30 do not feel prepared to drive on the road alone after they have passed their test. Whilst 24% said an accident they had could have been prevented if they had spent more time learning to drive, with 62% in favour of a minimum learning period being introduced.

Director of general insurance at Co-operative Insurance, James Hillon, remarked: “A lot of public debate is taking place on how safety can be improved and insurance premiums cut for young drivers, but the views of young motorists themselves are rarely heard.

“Far from being the stereotypical image of the ‘boy-racer’, this study shows that many are not confident to face everyday situations on Britain’s roads in the early years, despite months of lessons.”

In fact, the majority of young drivers pass their test in under 6 months, with a total of 18% passing their driving test after spending three months or less learning to drive.

It may seem expensive but it is more important to feel confident on the road and to have trust in your own driving skills, so booking a few weeks of extra lessons might be a good idea to consider. The more road experience you have, as a new driver, the better your driving and the higher your confidence will be!